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Heating Oil

R. Stiff & Sons - Reliable Heating Oil Suppliers

At R. Stiff & Sons we have been supplying quality kerosene heating oil to homes across Suffolk since 1875; and we believe that it is our prompt and reliable service alongside the delivery of competitively priced and quality fuel which has built our reputation as one of the leading oil suppliers. We understand that whatever the time of year you'll require oil to fuel your heating system; and it's precisely for this reason why we offer a range of delivery options.

Our tank top up delivery service allows you to choose how often your fuel is topped up, understandably during the winter months this will be on a regular basis; and we'll also fit the latest equipment which tells you when you fuel tank need re-filling.

Heating Oil & Kerosene Accessories

To help you keep tabs on the level of oil in your fuel tank, we at R. Stiff & Sons can supply and install an oil watchman. This device is very clever in that it will read the amount of fuel left in the fuel tank and send information to a receiver located in your home. This will signal you when oil levels are running low, informing you when you need to order a refill.

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If you need to refill your fuel tank with heating oil, make sure you call upon R. Stiff & Sons; your local fuel supplier in Suffolk. We have a great level of knowledge and experience within the industry which allows us to offer a superior level of service. To order your refill today please call us directly on 01473 822 147 or complete our online contact form.

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