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Red Diesel for farm machineary

A Guide to Red Diesel Rules

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When it comes to Red Diesel there are lots of rules surrounding exactly what vehicles it can be used for and for what purpose. The volume and the complexity of these rules we have to abide by can get quite confusing so here is a breakdown of a few of the rules and what they mean:

What Vehicles Can Benefit From Red Diesel?

• Tractors and light agricultural vehicles such as self-propelled harvesters – providing they are only used for horticulture, agriculture or forestry purposes.
• Mowers
• Agricultural engines
• Gritters and vehicles used to clear snow
• Road construction vehicles
• Mobile cranes and diggers
• Vehicles licensed for limited use and which are only used for agriculture, forestry or horticulture purposes. These vehicles can also only be used on public roads between different areas of land used by the same person and the distance must not exceed 1.5km
• Work trucks must abide by the same rules as above however the distance can’t exceed 1km

Is There Any Restriction to Using Red Diesel for Agricultural Contractors?

• You can use red diesel providing you are using it solely for agricultural, horticultural or forestry work and the vehicle must be registered for agricultural use.

What Are the Penalty Charges for Using the Wrong Diesel?

• If you’re found to be using red diesel in a situation where you shouldn’t be you could be fined between £250 and £500. Your vehicle could also be seized.

Can I carry Two Separate Tanks So I Can Switch Between White and Red Diesel?

• No, this is not possible as its illegal to carry two diesel tanks that are both able to be connected to the engine.

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