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The Benefits of Oil Fuelled Heating Systems

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Oil fuelled heating systems are perhaps not the most common option when it comes to heating your home, however it’s still an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners. Perhaps the reason they’re not quite as well known is that many people are unsure of how they operate and also what advantages there are to these types of heating systems.

Oil fuelled heating systems use a wet heating system, wherein the boiler first heats water and this heated water is circulated to the radiators and taps in the house. The oil for the system has to be delivered to your doorstep and it can be stored in a special tank, which can be bought or rented from the oil supplier.

There are two main options when it comes to oil fuelled heating systems, you can invest in a heat only system or a combination condensing oil fuelled boiler. The latter comes with an internal storage for storing hot water for taps and does not provide instant heating that is common in gas boilers. As per building regulations, the minimum seasonal efficiency or SEDBUK value of a combination oil fuelled boiler should stand at 86%. An A-grade boiler usually will have a SEDBUK value of about 90%, making it ideal for homes.

Buying Oil for Your Heating System

Many people worry about the cost of buying oil and also how it will be transported to their home. However here at R. Stiff & Sons we can take that worry away, we can deliver oil right to your doorstep all year round.

We are renowned for our prompt delivery across Suffolk and the surrounding areas and offer competitively priced fuel, without compromising on quality. We have a range of delivery options such as tank top up, which allows consumers to decide how often they would like their fuel tank topped up, you can also have an oil watchman installed. This is a device that gauges the level of the oil in the tank and informs you via a receiver at your home when the levels are low.

If you are worried about getting oil supply and if this stopping you from installing an oil fuelled heating system, do not worry. You can rely on us here at R. Stiff & Sons to make prompt deliveries.