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Why Choose a Diesel Vehicle over Petrol?

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Irrespective of what vehicle brand or model one opts for, the confusion that lives on the minds of every first-time or seasoned car buyer prior to the purchase has to do with the vehicle’s engine type. The debate on diesel vs. petrol has been going on since the advent of the diesel cars, and has turned even more powerful with recent increased fuel prices. An average car expert would generally get on the safer side of the island by declaring both the rides as the best in their respective segments. This is where the role of weighing the plus points comes into play.

Diesel has always been the perfect answer to more cost effective motoring, and continues to walk along the same line. Though improved technology has led to advancements in the world of petrol engines, which are now available at even cheaper rates, the overall acquisition and running costs of a diesel vehicle turn out to be more economical in the long run. Diesel cars have maintained their reputation of being easy on the pocket and better than the petrol variants over a period of time, and here’s why:


As far as mileage is concerned, there are no second thoughts regarding the superiority of diesel engines. A diesel vehicle is capable of giving 15-20 % more miles per gallon in comparison to the petrol variants (dependent upon the quality of driving).

Residual Value

Diesel vehicles tend to retain more value in comparison to the petrol variants. Thanks to the consumers who are constantly on the lookout for vehicles with better fuel economy, diesel cars are enjoying a higher market demand against the petrol versions.

Environmental Impact

Just like the aspect of mileage, the environmental impact is also a no-brainer. The greater efficiency provided by diesel engines clearly displays over 20 % less CO2 emissions than the petrol vehicles. The harmful particles that the earlier diesel engines produced have now been reduced to zero, with the addition of particle filters as well as catalytic convertors to the engines.

Tax & Duty

As far as road tax is considered, the low CO2 emissions of the diesel cars help in rewarding the owners with lower tax rates against the tax charged to petrol vehicle owners. Until now, the government’s generosity has not benefitted fuel duty yet with the constant lobbying acts of hauliers, the government may agree to the demand for a reduction in fuel duty for some green credentials.

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