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Red Diesel for farm machineary

R. Stiff & Sons - Responsible Suppliers of Red Diesel Fuel

The construction and agricultural industry rely on red diesel - otherwise known as tractor diesel, gas oil, generator fuel and 35 second oil - to fuel combines, tractors, cranes and earth moving equipment. It is also needed in commercial buildings to supply heating and power, which makes the regular supply of red diesel essential. At R. Stiff & Sons we have the resources to deliver quality red diesel on a continual basis throughout Suffolk, ensuring that you never run out unexpectedly.

Regular Supply of Gas Oil

Understandably the commercial and agricultural business sectors rely on the regular supply of gas oil; this is what we at R. Stiff & Sons can deliver. Not only do we pride ourselves on delivering fuel in a prompt, timely and reliable manner but we are committed to keeping our prices competitively low.

With this in mind you can choose to have scheduled deliveries of single barrels or a full tank of gas oil in Suffolk, or simply phone when you need replenishing. As experts, we are able to advice our customers on the best form of fuel for the purpose and how to store the fuel safely.

Deliver Gas Oil throughout Suffolk

At R. Stiff & Sons we deliver red diesel fuel across Suffolk using our four-wheel tanks which can transport large quantities of fuel safely and quickly; which is one of the reasons why we can boast next day delivery. If you would like to learn more about the price of our fuel or the services we provide please telephone us on 01473 822 147. Alternatively you can complete our quick and easy online contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

Stiff heating oil tanker

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