What is an AGA?

An AGA is a home heat storage and cooking concept that was developed in the 1920s. Made from heavy cast iron, the frame heats up from a low intensity heat source, providing a steady supply of warmth for your home, as well as an oven and boiler plate.

Clean cooking at competitive prices

Although modern AGAs have timers to control their fuel consumption they do tend to be run for long periods. That means you need a regular and steady heat supply to keep them performing at their best. Here at R Stiff and Sons Ltd, we provide fuel for AGAs as well as other similar range cookers. Helping you to heat your home, provide hot water and cook food in the most efficient way possible.

Why your choice of fuel matters

For AGA type burners we can supply an additive that can be mixed with your heating oil. This helps to reduce premature coking of your burner, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging the lifespan of your investment.

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