Heating oil

At R Stiff and Sons Ltd, we’ve been supplying quality kerosene heating oil to homes across Suffolk since 1865. It’s our prompt and reliable service, alongside competitive prices and quality fuel, that has built our reputation as one of the region’s leading oil suppliers. We understand you require oil to fuel your heating system throughout the year. That’s precisely why we offer a range of delivery options.

Our tank top-up delivery service allows you to choose how often your fuel is topped up. During the winter months this will be on a regular basis. We’ll also install the latest equipment which lets you know when your fuel tank needs re-filling.

Heating Oil

Red diesel

The construction and agricultural industries rely on red diesel. Also known as tractor diesel, gas oil, generator fuel and 35-second oil, this is fuel that keeps tractors, cranes and heavy machinery moving.

It’s also needed in commercial buildings to supply heating and power, which is why a reliable red diesel supply is so essential. Here at R Stiff and Sons Ltd, we have the resources to deliver quality red diesel throughout Suffolk, as and when you need it – ensuring you never run out.

Not only do we pride ourselves on delivering fuel in a prompt, timely and reliable manner but we are committed to keeping our prices competitively low. You can choose to have scheduled deliveries of single barrels or full tanks. Or simply give us a call when you need a top up. We can also offer advice on the best form of fuel for your purpose and how to store fuel safely.

Red Diesel

AGA fuel

For AGA type burners we can supply an additive that can be mixed with your heating oil. This helps to reduce premature coking of your burner, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging the lifespan of your investment.

Premature coking can often occur with lower sulphur kerosene, which is why we only supply the highest quality fuels.

AGA Fuel

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