Keeping you moving

We understand that the construction and agricultural industries rely on red diesel for everyday operations. Everything from tractors and cranes to earth-moving equipment relies on this fuel to provide the power. Here at R Stiff and Sons Ltd, we’ve been supplying fuel to local businesses since 1865, so we know how important a regular and affordable supply can be.


We understand the importance of red diesel

Red diesel is also known as tractor diesel, gas oil, generator fuel and 35-second oil. For many businesses across the construction and agricultural industries, a regular and reliable source of fuel is essential to carrying out their work. That’s why we’re here to meet your fuel needs in an easy, reliable and convenient way.


A flexible fuel

Red diesel is also required in a number of other sectors, including in commercial buildings to supply heating and power. That’s why a reliable red diesel supply is so essential. We deliver quality red diesel in Suffolk, as and when you need it – ensuring you never run out.

A reliable supply at the right price

Not only do we pride ourselves on delivering fuel in a prompt, timely and reliable manner but we’re committed to keeping our prices competitively low. Simply gives us a call when you need a top up. We can also offer advice on the best form of fuel for you and how to store fuel safely.

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